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cd duplication
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cd replication
No matter if you are needing long- or short-run CD Duplication, you have a partner in PixelLink Media Services. Our professionals are experienced in fulfilling a variety of multimedia projects, including mini CD's, business card CD's and even custom shaped discs - as well as our standard pressed, commercial CD's.
cd duplication
Our automated system ensures the most affordable rates for either CD Duplication (runs of 500 CDs or less), or CD Replication – copies of 1,000 or more discs.
cd duplication service
We also help our clients with CD packaging and mailing services – providing you with complete media solutions from concept to completion! There rally is no limit to what you can accomplish with PixelLink's CD Duplication Services.
cd replication service
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dvd replication
DVD Replication is the professional standard for all commercial DVD releases for quantities of 1,000 or more, while
DVD Duplication is preferred in short run DVD projects – typically quantities of 500 or less.
dvd duplication
PixelLink Media Solutions has the experience and capability to provide both DVD Replication and DVD Duplication services to its clients, while ensuring they receive professional and timely delivery of their multimedia projects.
dvd duplication services
Using only the highest quality DVD media in the production process, along with our state-of-the-art DVD duplicating equipment, you can rest assured that the discs produced will work flawlessly with each and every copy.
dvd replication services
PixelLink also provides custom packaging solutions and drop-shipping of the DVD's if that is desired. For protecting sensitive data, please look into our DVD Encryption Services.

cd replication service
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